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Silviu Capota-Mera - Technical Architecture, and Software Development

I took part in the design and development of a wide range of projects, both content and performance-heavy. Among them, a concurrency-intensive provincial lottery data service subsystem, and an internal financial literacy portal for a major Canadian bank.

My professional journey started with Java in the early 2000s, continued with .NET, and it's currently a mix of Go, as well as Groovy, particularly within the Grails framework. Being platform agnostic, I am comfortable using either Linux or Windows-based tools, as suited for a specific set of needs.

In addition to Go, Java, and .NET, I also architected and implemented Node.Js-based solutions, connected to various data storage entities, from PostgreSQL and SQL Server to MongoDb and Redis. These handled large volumes of data, such as Airmiles or WestJet point-based contests, with hundreds up to thousands of concurrent page requests.

I prefer open source tools, supported by a healthy community around them, as well as development platforms that emphasize application scalability under intense demand.

As a personal project, I have been developing and maintaining a Postgres-to-Go-structures generator project on Github. Backed by pgx, a pure, no-reflection PostgreSql Go library, it allows instant scaffolding for database-heavy projects with table and view (regular and materialized) mapping, as well as data reading and writing support.